Hi and welcome! My name is Sheila and I have 3 great kids. My youngest, Riley, is 16 and the reason this blog exists. Riley has global special needs and issues but the most crippling are his violent autistic rages. I often write about Riley’s rages, but mostly I write about the pain that living this life brings. (I sometimes write about other things too.) Riley’s aggressive rages have impacted our entire family and it’s grueling to find people who are capable of understanding. Raising a special needs child can be extremely isolating. Recently, I was fortunate to be asked to write an essay for a wonderful website called Springible on the subject of loneliness as a caregiver. It was an amazing outlet to discuss such a difficult topic.


 I like to think of this blog as an online gallery of beauty and heartache. My words help to channel my grief into art. Despite Riley’s challenging behaviors, he is a pretty cool artist, and with every entry I showcase a piece of his artwork. Riley sees the world in a way I never will, and that fascinates me.